Monday, October 12, 2009

Webstor from MOTUC!

So far, every Masters of the Universe Classics' figure that has been released I owned as a child (if possible; He-Ro and Grayskull were never made in the 80's). Webstor, on the other hand, eluded me. I have no clue why I never had the spider-man when I was a kid. I'm guessing I just never found him in stores. My cousin had him, but we never really got to play with him due to his rope constantly getting knotted up. My aunt must have spent days getting the knots out of that thing. So Webby here didn't really have much of an impact on my childhood.

But now here he is, in all his dark blue skinned glory. And after all these years...his impact is still minimal. Sure, he's a nice addition to the line, but he's more on the level of Tri-Klops than Scareglow or Beastman. Several improvements have been made over his OG figure: they gave him a few extra eyes, like a spider should have, and they added some appendages to his backpack to make him more arachnid and less Skeletor with different armor and a new head. And honestly, that's exactly what he is, a Skeletor repaint. Is that a bad thing? Nah, there's so much re-use in this line that it's pretty much the norm right now.

Well, the backpack is pretty neat. They added a nice thick rope this time so no worry of knots. The grappling hook is there too, but it doesn't have the climbing feature that the old one had. The extra appendages really help make him look better, and for those wack jobs that don't want them, you can always bend them down or just remove the backpack completely. But if you're complaining about the fact that he looks more like a spider, then go choke on a black widow.

Well, that's Webstor. I think he should open a chain of Halloween themed stores on Eternia called WebStore. Eternians don't seem to have many retail stores, and it's about damn time that changed. MOTUC has some great figures coming up soon, so expect my enthusiam to grow faster than the winky on an old man after downing a case of Viagra while watching Showgirls.

And I made it through the whole article without mentioning Emmanuel Lewis once. Who's jokes are juvenile now bitches!!!


  1. nice. The old one with the knots fucking sucked. I think he worked for like a day when I was a kid.