Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Retro Lovin': Part 4!

Jason Voorhees from Movie Maniacs Series 1!

Enough Freddy nonsense. It's time to take a look at my favorite retarded slasher, Jason. With 12 movies under his belt (even though he was really only in 11 of them), Jason is the killer that keeps on slaying. Fortunately for us, Jason has also had quite a few different looks, which means his action figures are much more varied than Fred's. So let's start from the very beginning, with what I believe is the first Jason figure ever made.

Movie Maniacs first series gave us Freddy, so it was only natural  to give us a Jason too. The figure came out looking pretty fantastic. This is obviously zombie Jason, and I'm guessing his look is mostly inspired from Jason goes to Hell. His flesh is pale and decayed. His clothes are shredded to shit (his shirt is basically just strands of fabric). His head is all lumpy while his mask looks like someone tried to shove it through a wood chipper. The mask does look like it has a fairly large nose though, which seems to look even larger in the photos. It's really not all that distracting in person. What I love about this Jason is it looks like he just crawled straight out of Crystal Lake, and that's pretty spiffy.

Jason's paint is messy, in a good way. His exposed flesh looks like it's been sitting at the bottom of a lake for years. The blood splatter on him is done in a way that makes it look like he just gutted some poor stoner. The mask is also nicely done; the edges have a nice gray shading while the front is a dirty white. The red triangle is sharp too. A dirty blue shirt and gray pants finish him off. One look and you'll know this is Pamela's little boy.

His articulation is a little better than Freddy's; 10 big points! He has has two cut leg joints but there really isn't many different positions you can get him in without making him topple over. He also has a cut waist, cut shoulders, cut wrists, and cut bicep joints which really help to get his arms in some decent positions. He's got a cut neck too. Nothing too fancy with him but those bicep cuts sure do help.

JV has a few nice accessories; a machete, an axe, and a harpoon. All classic Jason weapons. The machete is easily the standout here. It has a shiny metallic finish to it with a blood splatter and one hell of a bloody tip. The vac-metal paint job make this one of the nicest items of all my Jason figures. The axe has a good amount of blood too, but it looks like Jason hasn't used the harpoon much as there's very little blood splatter on it. He also came with the movie poster stand that all Movie Maniacs figures came with. I'm pretty positive the poster is the Jason goes to Hell poster too, which would make my earlier thought on him pretty accurate.

One thing of interest is his face mask is not removable. Years ago someone did pry it off and they found a nicely fucked up face sculpted there. So, I went ahead and pried it off too. His face looks like half of it was made from silly putty. What I find funny is his teeth look nicer here than they look on his Friday the 13th: Part 2 figure. I'm not sure how movie accurate his face really is as I don't believe his face ever looked the same twice. The mask doesn't really stay on that great anymore, but I don't regret removing it to see his ugly mug.


I really wish one company would have come out with a full set of Jason figures with all his different looks. Fuck, we've still yet to receive a kid Jason or a fake Jason (Friday the 13th: Part 5-an epic pile of shit). But McFarlane did give us cyber Jason (which I still don't have) and NECA gave us some fucking classics too, including a Jason figure that absolutely blows me away with its pure undead awesomness...

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