Monday, November 9, 2009

The Halloween Retro Lovin' Finale!

Freddy vs Jason from NECA!

For years horror geeks dreamed of watching pedo-burn victim Freddy battle zombie-retard Jason. Everyone envisioned an epic battle of two horror giants that would blow our fragile nerd minds. Too bad we never really sat and thought thru how little sense it would make to have these two actually fight. Finally, in 2003, we all got our wish...and it was a mixed bag. No one thought the story was ever going to be worth a shit, but damn, did they really have to spend so much time with John Ritter's son and the unpopular Destiny's Child chick? And making Jason more sympathetic was a decent idea that just really didn't work all that well. Jason scared of water? Come on!

The movie did have some good kills and a fun final battle between the two, and it's far from the worst of either franchise. If you ask me though, the best thing that came from the flick is this awesome boxed set. Seriously, this set rocks and is a fantastic centerpiece in any toy collector's horror shelf. The two figures are sculpted perfectly, and the set came with a nice set of accessories too.

This has to be the best Freddy figure ever made. The sculpt and pose are perfect. The sweater has never looked better. And while he didn't really get a bump in articulation, his gloved hand is ball jointed which gives it some fantastic movement. He also comes with three heads: a great angry Freddy, a red demon Freddy, and a winking, smiling Freddy. The winking head is straight from the end of the film and it has a magnet in it for something really awesome; an extra hand that Jason has that the magnet attaches to. All the heads pop off easy with his spinal cord being the peg. Also, the hat fits good on all three.


Jason is a pretty typical Jason figure. He looks exactly like he did in the movie, but that wasn't really my favorite version of his, so it seems a little bland to me. He's really detailed  nicely, and has great paint apps, but the mask is too pristine and his face looks like more like Frankenstein's monster than an undead retard. He only has his machete, so he came lighter on accessories than Fred. But you can pop off his machete hand and place his magnetic hand there to hold Freddy's bodyless head. Other than that, no additional articulation than a standard Jason figure, but the fucker is damn tall (which kinda adds to the Frankenstein thing IMO).


I can't forget to mention the base either. The fire looks good as does the wood. The base comes in two parts so you can put it together to have them face off or split it apart if you want to display them separately. There's even a little plaque that has the Freddy vs Jason logo on it. Also, neither of the figures can stand on their own so the base is fairly essential.


So I'm all out of Jason and Freddy figures to review. I'm not sure I could have done another Freddy even if I did have one. Now I have to go and put all these damn figures back up on their shelf. That's going to be an entire weekend project on its own. So many toys, so little time...