Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Retro Lovin': Part 3!

New Nightmare Freddy Krueger from Cult Classics Series 2!!!

In 2005, toy company NECA decided to start in on their own line of horror figures called Cult Classics. While the Movie Maniacs line was ending, the Cult Classics line busted in and picked up the slack, offering some truly fantastic figures. The second wave brought us another Freddy figure, but this one wasn't just a new version of regular Freddy. Nope, this was Freddy from the New Nightmare film, the movie that tried to bring Freddy into our real world. No matter what you thought of the film, the new Freddy did look pretty cool, and the figure did a great job of capturing his new look.

NECA had some fantastic sculpters on their team, and Freddy came out looking great. Freddy still wears the classic sweater, but he now also has a sweet ass trench coat. The coat is black on the outside while having the green and red stripes lining the interior. His face had subtle differences from the old Freddy; now his face didn't really look burnt, more like he had chunks of flesh torn away with muscle exposed underneath. His glove was now gone too. Instead, his claws came from a bone overlay that was on his hand. Kinda weird, but the veins that ran on the palm of his hand were real cool looking.

The paint job on Mr Krueger was pretty damn perfect. The red and green stripes look pretty clean on both the sweater and the trench coat, while the pants and exterior of the coat are just a solid black. In fact, I don't believe they are painted at all but the plastic is cast in the black color. Both hands look damn good. The burnt hand has exposed muscle that matches his face and the clawed hand has the red veins and beige bone while the claws are a nice silver. His hat is an olive green color that matches up to the green on his sweater fairly close. Finally, his face looks fantastic too. The exposed muscle and flesh are nicely done and the eyes weren't bad. They are not as green as the last Freddy figure, and they are a little wonky on his snarling head, but they still looked decent enough.

Articulation. Freddy's of old didn't really have too much. New Freddy, on the other hand... still didn't have much. In fact he only had one more joint than the Movie Maniacs 4 Freddy. But the huge difference here was the use of ball joints. Freddy had cut ankles where the boot starts, a cut waist, both elbows are now cut joints, and both wrists are cut. But his neck and elbows are ball joints, which add to his range of motion greatly. His arms can now open up to give molesty hugs, and his head can tilt to the side like a confused dog. Seriously, ball joints are awesome.

As for the accessories, NECA fucking pimped this bitch out. Once again he has a removable hat, but now he has two heads; an open mouth "snarling" head and a slightly more closed mouth head. Honestly, there really isn't a huge difference between his head sculpts, but extra heads are always nice to have and they pop on and off pretty easily. The coolest accessory he has though is his base. The base is straight from the movie, with a broken pillar and snakes on it. There is a peg for his foot, but unlike the last Freddy figure, this one stands fine on his own. Lastly, he has an open script from the movie with actual tiny little writing on it. 

So New Nightmare Freddy is a fairly awesome figure, especially for those that really liked his look from that movie. I'm fairly Freddy'd out right now, so why don't we move on to everybody's favorite drowned retard momma's boy...


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