Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Retro Lovin': Part 6!

Hillbilly Jason from Cult Classics Hall of Fame Series!

You know, as much as I love zombie Jason, I almost love redneck Jason equally. This version here has to be the most unique Jason out of all 12 films. No hockey mask or shredded clothing anywhere, just a plaid shirt, some overalls, and a fucking pillowcase with a hole in it. And he only appeared like this once; in Friday the 13th Part 2. Since Pamela Voorhees had her head lopped off at the end of the first one, it was only natural to reveal that Jason never drowned, but instead he crawled out of the lake, built a shed in the woods, and lived there, on his own, for probably close to ten years (I don't actually recall the time difference between when he died and when his mom did). So the writers probably didn't think this through all that much, but it's still miles better than Jason getting doused in toxic waste while turning him into a kid again.

Unfortunately for me, I didn't get the boxed set this figure originally came in. In that set, I would have not only gotten inbred Jason, but also his mom and a nice shrine with Mrs. Voorhees' head and some candles. Instead, NECA took figures from their boxed sets, stripped them of some items, and released them in a "Hall of Fame" series. Goddamnit, I really want that Pamela Voorhees figure. She'd look great standing by my Norman Bates toy.

So yee-haw Jason here is a pretty odd looking fellow. Most people would have no clue whatsoever who he even was if they saw him on my shelf. And since he has both pillowcase head and "Hills Have Eyes" head, I have the nice option of doubly confusing people no matter how I display him. He's a nice looking figure, much skinnier than undead Jason ever was (I guess living off squirrel and raccoon is better than worms and dirt). I'd love to see the story of what the fuck happened to Jason between his "drowning" and the start of his never ending murder spree. Where did he get those overalls? Who told him a plaid shirt was a good fashion idea? I guess we'll never know. Oh well, what we do know is Jason saw his mom get her head removed and decided to take the cranium back to his pad and carry on with her work while looking as unappealing as humanly possible.

So the paint on this yokel is pretty impressive. The plaid shirt looks fantastic with clear, sharp lines. The overalls have a nice wash over them that really help to make them look like used, worn, fabric. There's even some mud on his lower legs. As for heads, well, I prefer to display him with pillowcase face. His unmasked head kinda looks like a seriously fucked up Chucky. Also, the pillowcase covers up the piss poor stubble paint job on his neck. Seriously, the neck hair looks more like the marks on the Alien Nation aliens than actual stubble. The unmasked head itself though does look great, with very nasty teeth, face stubble, and a really lumpy head with missing hair. His eyes are different between both heads though; unmasked has weird light blue and white pupils while bag head has a regular blue eye. I like the unmasked eyes slightly better as they make him look like his vision is all kinds of fucked up. The pillowcase itself is very nicely detailed with a great wash over it.

As for blood, this guy is pretty clean. His right hand is a little bloody, but not his left. And that's it, you won't find another drop of the red stuff anywhere on this guy.

His articulation is pretty much arms and neck only. He does have cut ankles so his shoes can move, but the sculpt really hinders them.. He has has the cut elbows and wrists like the other Jasons, but his arms and neck are ball joints. This helps him to hold some of his weapons with both hands, or he could churn butter if he had a, um,  butter churner (yeah, I'm no farmer). As for the rest of his body, it's just one hard chunk of plastic.

Even though this isn't the boxed set, he still has some nice accessories. He has a dirty base to stand on but once again this guy stands fine on his own. And once again he has 3 weapons. This time he gets a machete (huge surprise), a harpoon (shocking), and a pick axe. The pick axe is new, and seems more appropriate being welded by this redneck Jason than the other versions. His weapons are all pretty clean too. No blood and not much dirt at all. He's also got both bagged head and nekked head, and they pop on and off pretty easily.

Oh but look at this! He's got dear old momma's head too. The head looks just like it did at the end on the film, so that means it looks nothing like actress Betsy Palmer but more like a tree stump with hair. Too bad I don't have a shrine to place her on...

So I really dig this figure and I'm thrilled NECA went with making a Jason figure that such a small amount of people would ever recognize. But we're not done with Jason yet. Nor have we finished with Freddy. One film brought these two horror icons together, and one boxed set did as well...

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